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    what r u trying to do lil partner

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    me when someone needs help: do you need a…………. HAND?


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    Probably one of the most intense picture I have ever posted. Extremely depressing content.

    The photograph above was taken by US Marines photographer Joe O’Donnell shortly after the bombing of Nagasaki. He saw things beyond imagining, and the experience left him with depression in his later years. Yet according to O’Donnell’s son, the image above affected him more than any other.

    The younger child in the picture is dead. The older boy is his brother, and he’d carried his sibling on his back to a crematory. The older boy stayed and watched his brother burn yet refused to cry. He bit his lip so hard it bled.

    The boy had just lost everything to the most destructive force known to mankind. Yet, barefoot, he’d carried his sibling’s body to ensure he was honored properly. It’s a story of the extremes of sadness and bravery—and the photograph captures both.


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    promoting my blog

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    why cant i just plug myself into a charger

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    Every time I see this, I can’t tell if he’s referencing the dog or the dad and it’s funny either way 

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    why are 13 year olds these days constantly drinking, smoking weed and having sex?? when i was 13 i had a stable job, a loving wife, 3 good kids, and some savings put away for my retirement. i worry about the younger generation sometimes smh

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    James Dean.

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